Posted by: tigergrassroots | August 1, 2011

UAE beggars exploiting charitable sentiments during Ramadan

Overseas Filipino workers in the United Arab Emirates may need to be wary of beggars taking advantage of charitable sentiments during the holy month of Ramadan.

Cherly Labrche, a Filipino shop attendant living in the UAE for five years, said she was once approached by a man who told her he was collecting money to buy a plane ticket to go back home.

She said she handed the man 50 dirhams, but he refused to accept the money and told her to pay him at least 100 dirhams.

“I was shocked at his attitude and it made me sad because I realized he was cheating me and not in genuine need,” she said on a Gulf News report.

Common tricks

The report cited some common tricks used by beggars:

  • A woman with children tells you that her husband is jailed for bounced checks.
  • A man produces a medical report saying that he has kidney failure. The report is signed by an unknown doctor in a distant city.
  • A man sticks his burned hand inside your car window and runs away if you offer to call an ambulance.
  • A well-dressed person produces a letter telling you that he is deaf and is collecting money to build a school for children with special needs.
  • A man driving a car with foreign number plates tells you his wallet was stolen, a hotel overcharged him, or his child fell sick during his stay.

Dubai police are enforcing an annual campaign against begging from July 15 to the end of Eid ul-Fitr.

It advised that those approached by any beggars to call a special hotline on 8004438 and a police patrol will be dispatched.

Last year, Dubai police arrested 714 beggars, including 251 who were arrested during Ramadan. — JE, GMA News


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