Posted by: tigergrassroots | July 24, 2012

OWWA Scholarship for beneficiaries of deceased OFWs

The countenance of thirty-one dependents — widows and children of deceased OFWs — exuded hope when they came to OWWA Center last July 3, 2012 to sign the scholarship agreement under the agency’s Education and Livelihood Assistance Program for Dependents of Deceased OFWs or ELAP.

Under the program, each legal dependent gets educational assistance in the amount of P5,000 for grade school, P8,000 for high school, and P10,000 for college per school year, corresponding to his/her educational level at the time the program is availed.

As in all scholarship agreements of OWWA for its various scholarship programs, the grantee shall abide by the rules particularly in keeping the required above average grade. Should the scholar fails to maintain the required grade or gets a flunks the course, he/she must reimburse the tuition fee paid for by the agency.

Aside from educational assistance component, ELAP also grants livelihood provision to the orphaned OFW families in the amount of P15,000 to be expended solely for any small business activity. This will purportedly provide another source of income for the deceased OFW’s surviving members.

Since its inception last year, OWWA in NCR has assisted close to 100 families through ELAP.


ELAP beneficiary Girlie Capas reads the scholarship agreement for her daughter Madel whose OFW father died of heart attack while working abroad.


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